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Vocational Services
Vocational Services offered by Onondaga Case Management Services (OCMS) are in keeping with the overall mission of the agency; OCMS programs are designed to help individuals and families, who have encountered certain obstacles, develop the resources and supports to live a satisfying, naturally interdependent life. Our team concept stresses the important role vocational services can play in recovery. Evidence based, best practice vocational models, are proven contributors to recovery.

The Vocational Program at OCMS provides innovative person centered direct services to recipients. In addition we can help create linkages referring people to other service providers, or operate in collaboration with other providers to help people achieve their goals.

OCMS has several Vocational programs and points of entry:

1) Recipients of OCMS care coordination can be referred by their individual care coordinator.

2) Ticket to Work Social Security Beneficiaries can contact OCMS Employment Network (EN) directly by calling 315.472.7363 and following the prompts.

3) ACCES-VR clients can be referred to OCMS vocational services directly by their ACCES-VR Counselor. OCMS has a Unified Services Contract with ACCES-VR.

Individual Services Offered Include:

    •Cornell University Certified Work Incentive
      Benefit Counselors
    •Job Matching
    •FDIC Certified Financial Planning
    •Job Development
    •Job Placement
    •Resume Development
    •Interview Skills Training
    •Career Counseling
    •Educational Advisement
    •Vocational Training Options
    •Online Application Support
    •Technological Guidance
    •Access to Vocational Support Groups
    •Job Coaching
    •Community Resource Connections
    •Computer Resources
    •Job Market Information
    •Pre-employment Preparation / Soft Skills Training
    •Resume Writing
    •Customer Service Skill Development
    •Aptitude testing
    •Job Accommodation / Disclosure assessment
    •Transportation Training
    •Strength Based Vocational Assessment
    •Job retention
    •Group information and training sessions
    •Transition age vocational services
    •Transition age benefit planning
    •Social Security / WIPA Certified Enhanced Work
      Incentive Counselor (EWIC)

Vocational Program Affiliations:

    •CNY Placement Consortium
    •Integrated Employment Council (IEC)
    •Greater Syracuse Disability Mentoring Day (DMD)
    •Work Incentive Information Network (WIIN)
    •United States Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association
    •New York Makes Work Pay
    •WIPA National Training Center
    •Johnson Career and Technical Education Center
     (JCTEC) Advisory Board

Please review the web links for other Vocational Services.

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